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Mojo Music Studio Established 1997

Located in the heart of Easton New Hampshire, record producer and audio engineer, Tony Cimino strives to create a recording environment and sound that is unique and truly his own.

With the advent of modern low-cost recording equipment, Mojo’s  focus is to be the place you go to connect with the people who have the equipment and know how to make your music sound the very best it can in a studio that is conducive to music creation.

“Making a record is like building a ship in a bottle. Playing live music is like being in a rowboat in the ocean.” – Jerry Garcia

The Studio has been in operation since 1995, hundreds of bands have played and recorded in the building, music is pasted all over the walls… Mojo Live Radio, a syndicated 1 hour radio program was produced, and recorded live in the studio for 10 years, the studio has a rich history, and a sound that is one of a kind.